Tuesday November 15, 2005

You're a big cucumber


Following the publishing of a recent article that I wrote about getting a Bulgarian word just a tiny bit mixed up and ended up saying something completely different some people got in touch to tell me about the Bulgarian words that they had also got mixed up with sometimes very funny results.

Here are just a few of those Bulgarian words that if you mispronounce ever so slightly that you can end up saying something a whole lot different and they may even land you in a spot of trouble and some very awkward situations.


Kраставица/Красавица...(Krastavitsa/Krasavitsa)...Cucumber/Beautiful Woman

Don't chat a girl up in a bar by telling her she is a real 'краставица/krastavitsa' (cucumber) instead of a real 'красавица/krasavitsa' (beautiful woman)

Do not say: Здравейте, ти си голяма краставица!


Do not announce at dinner that there are a great variety of 'пички/pichki' (pussies) in Bulgaria instead of a great variety of 'птички/ptichki' (birds) in Bulgaria

Do not say: Има голямо разнообразие на пички в България, особено на Черноморието


Do not tell your girlfriend she has a lovely 'Коза/koza' (goat) instead of lovely hair 'коса/kosa' (hair)

Do not say: Много хубава коза имаш миличка

Айрян/Ариана...(Airian/ariana)...Yoghurt drink/beer

Do not order 'Ариана/ariana' (beer) with your banitsa instead of 'Айрян/Airian' (yoghurt drink)

Do not say: Може ли една голяма ариана и една баница?

Катеричка/каменица....(katerichka/kamenitsa)...squirrel or slang word for lady's more intimate parts/beer

Do not ask the waitress for a small 'катеричка/katerichka' (pussy) instead of a small 'каменица/kamenitsa' (beer)

Do not say: Може ли една малка катеричка?


Do not ask locals if the municipality are going to 'пръцка/pratska' (fart) because of mosquitos instead of 'пръска/praska' (spray) because of mosquitos

Do not say: Дали ще пръцкат за комари скоро?

Пичка/печка...(Pichka/Pechka)...Pussy/Room heater

Do not go to Technomarket and ask them to show you their 'пички/pichki' (pussies) instead of their heaters 'печки/pechki'

Do not say: Може ли да ми препоръчате пичка, баланс 'цена-качество'?

Цици/цаца...(Tsitsi/tsatsa)...Tits/Fried fish

Don't go to the seaside and ask for a large portion of 'цици/tsitsi' (tits) instead of a large portion of 'цаца/tsatsa' (sprat, fried fish)

Do not say: Голяма порция цици, ако обичате!


Don't ask your father in law where the nearest 'свирка/svirka' (blow-job) is instead of the nearest 'спирка/spirka' (bus-stop)

Do not say: Къде е най-близката свирка?

WARNING: Презервативи/Prezervativi .. does not mean 'preservatives'

Do not ask your mother in law if she puts 'презервативи/prezervativi' (condoms) in her pickled vegatables

Do not say: Слагаш ли презервативи в туршията?

If it starts raining and a Bulgarian tells you he's going to find 'Подслон/podslon' (shelter) it does not mean he's looking for an elephant to hide under (Под = under / слон = elephant)

Do not tell your builder you want the floor laid with 'lino' (which in Bulgarian is the more impolite word for poo)

Do not ask for directions to 'Стара загорка/stara zagorka' because 'Загорка' is the beer and not the city in central Bulgaria 'Срара Загора/Stara Zagora'

Finally, if your name is 'Gus' (which is quite normal in the UK and elsewhere) DO NOT GO TO BULGARIA.


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